Next Up: WADA Test! 

When I first started my blog I had no idea how many people would tune in and follow along my journey, but I cannot believe the amount of people who have begun to follow. Thank you to everyone who has reached out, kept my family and I in your thoughts and prayers, or has donated to help with during stressful time! Those of you who have reached out, helped with transport and my boredom and sent a warm thought of my way has significantly help to keep me positive and has changed my outlook on life and attitude about this bump in the road completely. As well, I vow to continue this positive attitude through my life and all my endeavors. 

The WADA test is the next step in my journey and will be the determination on the type of surgery I have. On Monday June 5th, the WADA test will reveal to the surgeons where my speech and language functions are located in my brain. Specifically, the doctors will attempt to determine if mine is located in my right or left temporal lobe. 
My tumor is located in my left temporal lobe and if my speech and language is also located in the left temporal lobe, which is about 95% of the population, I will have the surgery awake in order to ensure that my doctors do not touch those very important parts in my brain!!! The awake portion of the surgery would be responding to simple tasks to ensure my brain functions are intact while removing the tumor. If my speech and language is located in the right temporal lobe then I have the surgery asleep! The preferred option would be the asleep surgery that way I can just take a little nap and wake up refreshed! I have never been so thankful that I am left handed and that there is this possibility that I am the minority in my anatomy! IT’S GOOD TO BE DIFFERENT!!! 🤣

During the WADA test, the doctors will be preforming an angiogram of my brain to determine the side of my brain has the memory and language functions. The doctors begin by injecting a medication through the femoral artery that will put one side of my brain to sleep separately. Once asleep the doctors will begin to test to see if I respond to the simple tasks. If I do, this means the location of the memory and language is on the opposite side. With the memory and language function being vital in the brain the doctors want to ensure no memory is lost after surgery if the tumor is located on the same side. With a positive mindset, I believe the doctors will keep me safe and better than ever regardless the results of the WADA test and location of my tumor. 
Since being diagnosed I have tried my best to remain positive and I have seen a change in my life and within myself. With a positive mindset you are able to take a negative and make it a positive. I was lucky enough to grab lunch with a friend, and he let me know that sharing my story I have been able to inspire people and encourage others to share their own story. I want to continue this blog after my surgery and continue to bring positivty to the forefront and inspire others to lead a positive life!
As everything gets closer I have begun to get a bit more nervous, but with a positive outlook I strongly believe you are able to overcome absolutely anything. Please continue to follow along and I encourage you to lead a positive life as well! Tune in next week as I hopefully will have the results of the WADA test! Thank you to absolutely everyone who has reached out, has told me an encouraging and positive story of a similar journey, or has donated through my page. 



Surgery date is set! 

As this process started I had no idea what to expect, how long this would all take, and exactly what it entailed considering I’m an extremely healthy active young man. There has been many doctor appointments of sitting and waiting and waiting and yet more waiting! We have waited the past two weeks to get a surgery date, and it is FINALLY set! Tuesday, June 20th will be my surgery date. I hope everyone can keep me and my family in their thoughts, keep the positivity and love alive throughout my surgery and recovery. 

I have been lucky enough to speak with many people that have been able to share their same type of story with me as well. I have not once heard anyone tell me a negative aspect of thier surgery. As well, they all have bounced back to their normal daily lives. I am extremely optimistic with this process and most importantly I have faith and confidence in my surgeons. I know once I am fully recovered I’ll be back to my active self, hiking, exploring, swimming, and taking pictures all with my best bud Radar!

I still cannot thank everyone enough that has reached out, has donated, and has kept my family and I in your thoughts and prayers. The positivity and love is keeping me positive during this rough time. There are days that I struggle with the lack of freedom I have encountered since 4/24/17, but this time has made me really cherish the things I have in life and from that day forward I will not take anything for granted. Through this process I have loved the aspect of everyone reaching out to me, giving me love and support or thinking of me during this time. 

I plan to keep these interactions going and reach out more frequently to others and see how they are because I have realized through our busy schedules, it seems to take a tragedy to bring people together! I believe this could help spread to others and bring a more positive light and encouragement to everyone’s lives. As well, bring positivity to the forefront and encourage others to reach outside of their comfort zone to achieve anything possible as long as you set your mind to it. 

I would like to personally thank everyone who has been following along with my journey, who has reached out to me and my family, and/or spent time with me. You all have helped more than you will know and I would not be able to maintain my positive outlook and attitude on my journey without this support!!!

So please follow along, spread the positivity around and encourage others to reach for the impossible!

Thank you to all who are following! Check in next week and please read along!  



Thank you, Thank you!! 

Wow, I did not expect the outpouring of love and support from everyone through starting my blog! I will try to personally thank each and every one of you, but could be a delay once we get this party started! Please continue to follow along as my plan is to give a thank you to supporters at the beginning of each blog entry.  For anyone that has reached out, is thinking about me, has donated, or has been praying for me I cannot thank you enough. The love and positivity has helped change my outlook on this surgery and I believe it will help me get through these tough times. As each day goes by and it comes closer to the WADA test and the surgery date, I have become a bit more nervous and worried about these two procedures. 
The WADA test will be June 5th and the doctors will start a large IV like catheter through my artery in my groin. Once the catheter is established they will run a series of tests and then begin to give me medication to put each side of my brain to sleep one at a time. Ok, I have to admit a little freaky that they can do that and they are doing it to ME! While half my brain is asleep, the doctors will ask me a series of questions to determine where my memory and language function is located in my brain. This will determine the type of surgery the neurosurgeons will be doing, either awake or asleep an surgery. If the tumor is located near my speech, memory and language center, I will be awake during the surgery to ensure the doctors do not touch anything important in the brain. On the other hand, the preferred method would have my language and memory center on the opposite side of my tumor and I am able to be asleep for the surgery. 
The surgery date has not been scheduled yet, but we have been given some tentative dates. It could be ranging in a two week span from June 9, 13, 14, 16, 20 or 21. I do not like the unknown of these many dates and I hope the surgery is as soon as possible. With the use of these additional test, the neurosurgeons will be able to put together the best possible plan to ensure the safest outcome for me. I will let everyone know once I have my surgery date set! 

Either way, I am struggling with one aspect of this situation. Why me? I believe that I am a hard working and dedicated student, coach, and person and I am too busy to be going through all of this. I have good days and bad days as the surgery nears, but I am able to continue to coach and do many things that I love. Coaching, playing with my dog Radar, playing video games, exploring with my girlfriend Lizzie, and taking pictures, are some of my favorite activities to help get my mind off of the surgery and any negativity that may creep into my head. As humans, we are always able to ask the “why me” question in many situations, but negative things or situations happen to the best people and I believe it only makes them stronger and brings people closer together. 
On the other hand, this has given me a life check. I have been able to put many things into perspective and am able to appreciate the little things in life so much more. As life is ever so precious we must not take anything for granted as life can be taken from us in seconds. I hope as people continue to reach out to me and spread thier love and positivty that this will become a positive force in your own lives. I vow to continue to put the things I love in the forefront and continue to spread the love and positivity long after my surgery and I hope people can join in as well! 
Please continue to follow along on my journey! As well I would like to thank each and every person that has reached out, donated, and thought about me or my family during this time!! 




Woah, that was out of no where!

Hello all!

Monday April 24th was a bit of a crazy day for me and a bit fuzzy to remember. I went to sleep the night before a bit nervous as I had an interview for a high school head coaching job the next day. I woke up excited and nervous, but ate a normal breakfast and was on my way to my interview. The interview went well and I felt I had made a great impression on the panel of employees interviewing me. After the interview I went back home for my typical day of spending time with my dog and preparing my day for work and coaching. I got home and was greeted by my dog Radar jumping on me and we ran outside to play. I spent the next 10 to 15 minutes playing ball with Radar outside and enjoying my day. Next thing I began to fell a bit of tunnel vision and thought I may pass out so I went into the house to sit down. This is when I had my first seizure at home, and my step dad was able to help and take me to the hospital.

We met my mom at the hospital and went through some tests and I eventually was sent home. We went home and I was going to take a shower before heading out to practice. The next thing I remember is waking up in the ambulance headed back to the hospital. What I learned, which had been filled in by my mom and step-dad is that I went into the bathroom and had another seizure. I had locked the door so my mom and step-dad had to break open the door. Once they got in the bathroom, they called 911 and the paramedics came to my house. The day was much of blurred, but what I found out the next morning would change my life!

During the parts that I don’t remember, I had a CT scan that showed I have a large tumor in my left temporal lobe. I then had an MRI to determine what this tumor was. What I was told the next morning is that I have this tumor and they are not quite sure what it is and that it needed to be surgically removed after. Luckily it is not emergent and can plan for the surgery and have the necessary tests to have the safest surgery with the best possible outcome.

The next step in my journey is an EEG, a WADA Test angiogram and then the surgery. As a healthy and athletic young individual this is an extremely hard time for me. Although, I am extremely optimistic about my care and the direction of the doctors I have seen. Surgery is always scary with many unknown outcomes, but the postitivty and help from family and friends will get me through this difficult time. I will continue to update you all along the way with any important dates or information along my journey through recovery.

All the support and positive thoughts are greatly appreciated. I plan to post to this blog each Thursday through out my journey and my mom will post updates on procedures and during hospital stay. The purpose of this blog is reach out to keep my family and friends that are interested updated on my progress and to enlighten and encourage others who are may be going through any health struggles. Please take a look at my gofundme page to support and help offset any unforseen financial burdens.



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