Living in day-tight compartments 

Hello Everyone!! 

It is great to be able to be back writing my blog myself after a long hiatus after my surgery and the beginning of my recovery. I first want to thank everyone for all of the support and positive thoughts. When I read the texts or comments I feel encouraged! The love and support I have felt has helped tremendously. Through my surgery and recovery I believe with the help of my family, friends, and the positive thoughts of others my diagnosis so far has been much better than first expected. Although, recovery has been extremely tough and not what I expected at all. I am a healthy young man. I exercise and live a healthy lifestyle. Who knew brain surgery would kick my butt physically and emotionally. 

I have been physically feeling better and better with each day aside from the occasional bad day here and there with a headache or being extremely tired. Those are to be expected and are fairly easy to remedy with some medicine and a little extra sleep. The incision spot on my head and scar is healing very nicely and extremely quick. I am just now waiting for my hair to grow back as I feel like I have hair loss. 

On the other hand, the mental aspects of recovery has been very hard. As I continue to feel better I want to be able to drive, I want to be able to continue the aspects of my life that I love outside the confines of my home, and believe it or not I actually miss working! I feel my life has stopped and been put on pause, Like someone has just placed my life on a freeze while everyone else’s passes me by. This aspect has been extremely hard for me to grasp because normally I am a very active person. As I love to swim, hike, walk my dog and just have fun!

I’m an extremely independent person, so the dependence on others for transportation and providing needs (food in the house or anything else I can’t get for myself) or the constant check ups to ensure I’m alright by my mom, sister, and step dad with any bump, cough, or clearing of my throat are getting tough to handle. Don’t get me wrong I greatly appreciate all their concern and totally understand why they do, but it can seriously be so annoying when to me I feel fine! 

This leads me back to the questions of why me, or what did I do wrong to deserve this? Which in turn can be depressing and turn a positive mood into a negative mood. Ultimately, these feelings are inevitable, but I believe I have been managing them extremely well through positive thinking and my therapist. Not to be cliche, but “what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger”! And eventually as I work through these feelings with the help of my support system I will become a stronger and more empathetic individual. 

With a positive mindset anyone is capable of changing any outcome and overcoming extremely tough obstacles one had never thought possible! The encouragement from others, the text messages to check how I’m doing, the Facebook messages, donations and the personal visits has helped me so much through this journey and has allowed me to keep a positive mindset through my lowest days. 

I cannot thank everyone enough for following my journey, donating, or sending good thoughts to my family and I! This has been tough (to say the least), but we have taken it on and I believe we are coming into the home stretch. I have been seizure free for three weeks now and I am hoping to continue this stretch. I plan to update my blog weekly and keep the positivity alive! 

I truly believe we should continue the love and support with or without a tragedy, medical condition, birthday, or anniversary. Positivity and love, touching base with a friend or just saying hello should happen every single day! 

Thank you so much to everyone following along! Please continue following as I will have another blog post next week! #outtanowhere24 

“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” -Jimmy Dean



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  1. So glad to have you back on the pool deck! Way to stay positive and on track with your recovery! Hang in there – your CLASS “ohana” is here for ya’!

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