This is day 19 of recovery… While it seems that my physical recovery from surgery has been going great, I have been struggling with all the parts that they neglect to educate you on for after surgery. The ups, the downs and the set backs. I haven’t written since surgery because, while I am recuperating quite well physically my family and I have been through some tough times over the past few weeks.

Because I am struggling with writing, I asked my mom to fill you guys in…

I came home from the hospital on June 23, earlier than expected since I had had a seizure during surgery. So that is good right? That Friday was eventful, as we drove home I was super nauseated, which makes me tired so basically I took a nap when we got home around 4pm. I have to sleep with my head propped up until I see the neurosurgeon in 6 weeks, so the first night of sleep was a little rough.

The next day seemed great. My grandparents came to visit me at my house. Nice surprise, however I have this dog Radar (he is a little protective) so we put him outside and he kept barking at my grandparents. My mom went to calm him down and get him to lay down and be quiet. The next thing I know Radar had bit my mom on the arm. I felt helpless, responsible, sorry and I couldn’t help. I had just gotten out of the hospital. We had tried to work with him in the past, but this wasn’t his first bite. My step-dad Steve took my mom to the ER for stitches and antibiotics. Needless to say I was stressed out! I called the lady that I adopted Radar from and she said he had to be put down. His protective nature and his anxiety to keep me protected had become a danger to my family. My mom and Steve came home and I was happy to see she was alright. Because of my surgery and how Radar was acting we did not let him sleep in my room that night.

I was watching TV with my younger sister Whitney and suddenly I couldn’t get my words out. She thought I was joking, but at some point I started to have a seizure. She called for my mom and the next thing I know I am waking up to a room full of Fire Fighters and Paramedics! Joe who is also our neighbor says to me when I started waking up, so this is why you haven’t been walking your dog??? He laughs! My Mom knew the other Paramedics as well!

So off we went again to Los Robles because they weren’t sure they wanted to transport me to Kaiser WH due to the distance. In the ER at Los Robles, I had another CT scan of my head to determine if anything was different since surgery. The ER doctor talked to the Neurosurgeon at Kaiser Sunset and they determined because I had another seizure I needed monitoring and adjustment of my anti-seizure medication.

My mom came with me in the ambulance to Kaiser Sunset. We spent the night in the ICU. My step-dad Steve went home to take care of Radar and to check on my sisters. Whitney was pretty shaken up, she had never seen a seizure before and I am told mine are pretty impressive!! LOL

The next day Steve took Radar to the Vet to have him put to sleep. I was sad. I had put so much effort into him. He was a very loving and smart dog! It is just unfortunate that I did not get him from a puppy. He was my partner for just a short 9 months, but I loved him! I am so thankful that Steve was able to take him because I am not sure that I could have done it. Second hardest decision I have had to make in my life. Brain surgery was the first!

I stayed another night in the ICU to be monitored and adjust my medications. The next day my neurosurgeon came in and said I could go home! I was never so happy!!! My mom and sisters came to pick me up and take me home again.

That night I slept well in my bed, the reality began to sink in, I had lost my dog and I had another seizure, which means another 3 months of no driving and being dependent on others. Not to mention, my mom has me on constant watch now!!! Every time I sneeze, she say “everything okay?” I get it, but it can be annoying!!! : /

While my recovery had been uneventful, I am reminding myself everyday to stay positive. I do believe that is the key in my great physical recovery. I am now trying to focus on getting plenty of sleep, eating well, and staying hydrated in this heat!

Last week I had a follow up with my neurologist and she gave me great insight to preventing further seizures by remaining stress free and staying positive. Each week I progress a little more. I am hoping to soon be back on the pool deck coaching my athletes.

My family and I are taking one day at a time. Staying positive and we are all so very thankful for the love, prayers, thoughts and support!


Jonathan and family (written on behave of)



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