Woah! Here it comes

I am continually surprised and cannot express how greatful I am for all of the love, support, positivity, and good thoughts from everybody! This abundance of support has helped me more than anyone can even know. It has allowed me to keep a positive mindset even on my worst days, best days, and has also kept my mind off the possible complications related to brain surgery. 

Last Friday, I had my last set of appointments before the surgery. The Neurosurgeon first let my mom, sister, and I know about the WADA tests results and that means for surgery and recovery. He started with all positives about the exam and the newest MRI. He let us know that he believed the mass in my brain was 98% not cancerous or a tumor! IN Fact he thinks that it is a Cavernous Malformation. This was amazing news to hear! He gave me the option to not have the surgery and watch it over time with continuous MRI scans along with staying on the anti-seizure medication called Keppra, however I would at some point need surgery anyway. My initial thought was, “No way do I want to have brain surgery let’s just watch it.” But then I would have the continual possibility of seizures, a suspended license, and absolutely no freedom. This thing in my brain doesn’t belong there and with waiting I could run the risk of further complications!

Ultimately, I will be doing the surgery because I do not think there should be any additional objects in my head! With the added information the doctor let us know, we found out that I would indeed be asleep during surgery because of the location of the mass and the need to remove all of it regardless of the involvement of my brain! Now that’s a little ominous! However, I along with my family have decided the best choice for me right now is to move forward with surgery. 

The Brain mass is located towards the outside of my brain making access easier to scoop out without having to go through the actual brain tissue to get to it. This was such a relief! I have a great amount of confidence in my Neurosurgeon’s abilities to do the best job removing this thing! After spending a long day at the Kaiser Sunset Medical Center, all information was given to us, we felt comfortable with our decision and confident in the doctors’ decisions. 

Through this process I have learned so many things about myself and the power of positivity! I believe with a positive mindset anything can be overcome and I hope people can adopt this attitude and belief as well. Thank you so much to everyone who has been following along, reached out, donated, or simply kept my family in your thoughts and prayers. This has done so much to help out my family and I during this difficult time. 

We have made silicone bands in support of my journey and they will be available tomorrow! They will have the word Persevere and #outtanowhere24. Just a little reminder if you persevere through everything life throws at you, you will be undoubtedly successful in all situations! If you are interested in one of the bands for a 5$ donation, please let me or my family know and we will get it to you. 

Thank you again to everyone following and supporting my journey I appreciate it so much and it has made a significant impact on me! We are finally in the home stretch! This positivity and support has been an eye opener for me and I vow to continue this love and support with the good and bad times! 




3 thoughts on “Woah! Here it comes

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  1. Jonathan this is all such good news. I’ve been praying for you everyday. And sending you positive thoughts. I know you have a big week approaching. Stay strong! Perserve!
    I’d like to purchase one of your bracelets.
    Take care!

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