Next Up: WADA Test! 

When I first started my blog I had no idea how many people would tune in and follow along my journey, but I cannot believe the amount of people who have begun to follow. Thank you to everyone who has reached out, kept my family and I in your thoughts and prayers, or has donated to help with during stressful time! Those of you who have reached out, helped with transport and my boredom and sent a warm thought of my way has significantly help to keep me positive and has changed my outlook on life and attitude about this bump in the road completely. As well, I vow to continue this positive attitude through my life and all my endeavors. 

The WADA test is the next step in my journey and will be the determination on the type of surgery I have. On Monday June 5th, the WADA test will reveal to the surgeons where my speech and language functions are located in my brain. Specifically, the doctors will attempt to determine if mine is located in my right or left temporal lobe. 
My tumor is located in my left temporal lobe and if my speech and language is also located in the left temporal lobe, which is about 95% of the population, I will have the surgery awake in order to ensure that my doctors do not touch those very important parts in my brain!!! The awake portion of the surgery would be responding to simple tasks to ensure my brain functions are intact while removing the tumor. If my speech and language is located in the right temporal lobe then I have the surgery asleep! The preferred option would be the asleep surgery that way I can just take a little nap and wake up refreshed! I have never been so thankful that I am left handed and that there is this possibility that I am the minority in my anatomy! IT’S GOOD TO BE DIFFERENT!!! 🤣

During the WADA test, the doctors will be preforming an angiogram of my brain to determine the side of my brain has the memory and language functions. The doctors begin by injecting a medication through the femoral artery that will put one side of my brain to sleep separately. Once asleep the doctors will begin to test to see if I respond to the simple tasks. If I do, this means the location of the memory and language is on the opposite side. With the memory and language function being vital in the brain the doctors want to ensure no memory is lost after surgery if the tumor is located on the same side. With a positive mindset, I believe the doctors will keep me safe and better than ever regardless the results of the WADA test and location of my tumor. 
Since being diagnosed I have tried my best to remain positive and I have seen a change in my life and within myself. With a positive mindset you are able to take a negative and make it a positive. I was lucky enough to grab lunch with a friend, and he let me know that sharing my story I have been able to inspire people and encourage others to share their own story. I want to continue this blog after my surgery and continue to bring positivty to the forefront and inspire others to lead a positive life!
As everything gets closer I have begun to get a bit more nervous, but with a positive outlook I strongly believe you are able to overcome absolutely anything. Please continue to follow along and I encourage you to lead a positive life as well! Tune in next week as I hopefully will have the results of the WADA test! Thank you to absolutely everyone who has reached out, has told me an encouraging and positive story of a similar journey, or has donated through my page. 



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  1. You are a true inspiration! You really are! I will be praying that you will continue your upbeat attitude no matter what the results of Monday’s test are and wisdom and skill for the docs performing ghe surgery!

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