Surgery date is set! 

As this process started I had no idea what to expect, how long this would all take, and exactly what it entailed considering I’m an extremely healthy active young man. There has been many doctor appointments of sitting and waiting and waiting and yet more waiting! We have waited the past two weeks to get a surgery date, and it is FINALLY set! Tuesday, June 20th will be my surgery date. I hope everyone can keep me and my family in their thoughts, keep the positivity and love alive throughout my surgery and recovery. 

I have been lucky enough to speak with many people that have been able to share their same type of story with me as well. I have not once heard anyone tell me a negative aspect of thier surgery. As well, they all have bounced back to their normal daily lives. I am extremely optimistic with this process and most importantly I have faith and confidence in my surgeons. I know once I am fully recovered I’ll be back to my active self, hiking, exploring, swimming, and taking pictures all with my best bud Radar!

I still cannot thank everyone enough that has reached out, has donated, and has kept my family and I in your thoughts and prayers. The positivity and love is keeping me positive during this rough time. There are days that I struggle with the lack of freedom I have encountered since 4/24/17, but this time has made me really cherish the things I have in life and from that day forward I will not take anything for granted. Through this process I have loved the aspect of everyone reaching out to me, giving me love and support or thinking of me during this time. 

I plan to keep these interactions going and reach out more frequently to others and see how they are because I have realized through our busy schedules, it seems to take a tragedy to bring people together! I believe this could help spread to others and bring a more positive light and encouragement to everyone’s lives. As well, bring positivity to the forefront and encourage others to reach outside of their comfort zone to achieve anything possible as long as you set your mind to it. 

I would like to personally thank everyone who has been following along with my journey, who has reached out to me and my family, and/or spent time with me. You all have helped more than you will know and I would not be able to maintain my positive outlook and attitude on my journey without this support!!!

So please follow along, spread the positivity around and encourage others to reach for the impossible!

Thank you to all who are following! Check in next week and please read along!  



2 thoughts on “Surgery date is set! 

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  1. It helps to have a date. We willing be praying for you and your family everyday and especially June 20, including the whole medical team!

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  2. Lots of love from all of us in the Lloyd camp! We’ve watched you grow up, and look forward to seeing you push through this and thrive! You’re an amazing young man, and I’m so proud of you. We are with you all the way!
    -Lori, Olivia & Payton

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