Woah, that was out of no where!

Hello all!

Monday April 24th was a bit of a crazy day for me and a bit fuzzy to remember. I went to sleep the night before a bit nervous as I had an interview for a high school head coaching job the next day. I woke up excited and nervous, but ate a normal breakfast and was on my way to my interview. The interview went well and I felt I had made a great impression on the panel of employees interviewing me. After the interview I went back home for my typical day of spending time with my dog and preparing my day for work and coaching. I got home and was greeted by my dog Radar jumping on me and we ran outside to play. I spent the next 10 to 15 minutes playing ball with Radar outside and enjoying my day. Next thing I began to fell a bit of tunnel vision and thought I may pass out so I went into the house to sit down. This is when I had my first seizure at home, and my step dad was able to help and take me to the hospital.

We met my mom at the hospital and went through some tests and I eventually was sent home. We went home and I was going to take a shower before heading out to practice. The next thing I remember is waking up in the ambulance headed back to the hospital. What I learned, which had been filled in by my mom and step-dad is that I went into the bathroom and had another seizure. I had locked the door so my mom and step-dad had to break open the door. Once they got in the bathroom, they called 911 and the paramedics came to my house. The day was much of blurred, but what I found out the next morning would change my life!

During the parts that I don’t remember, I had a CT scan that showed I have a large tumor in my left temporal lobe. I then had an MRI to determine what this tumor was. What I was told the next morning is that I have this tumor and they are not quite sure what it is and that it needed to be surgically removed after. Luckily it is not emergent and can plan for the surgery and have the necessary tests to have the safest surgery with the best possible outcome.

The next step in my journey is an EEG, a WADA Test angiogram and then the surgery. As a healthy and athletic young individual this is an extremely hard time for me. Although, I am extremely optimistic about my care and the direction of the doctors I have seen. Surgery is always scary with many unknown outcomes, but the postitivty and help from family and friends will get me through this difficult time. I will continue to update you all along the way with any important dates or information along my journey through recovery.

All the support and positive thoughts are greatly appreciated. I plan to post to this blog each Thursday through out my journey and my mom will post updates on procedures and during hospital stay. The purpose of this blog is reach out to keep my family and friends that are interested updated on my progress and to enlighten and encourage others who are may be going through any health struggles. Please take a look at my gofundme page to support and help offset any unforseen financial burdens.




7 thoughts on “Woah, that was out of no where!

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  1. Jonathan, you are in our thoughts and prayers. You have such a positive attitude, and you’re young and healthy. All of this, along with your family and friends will give you the strength you’ll need. I know, first hand, how important it is to have faith and strength.
    Thank you for setting up a blog so we can follow your story.
    Stay strong!

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  2. You dont know me, but you are a damn rock star!!! I just wanted to tell you that! thank you for spreading your optimism and sharing your light with the world. JUST KEEP SWIMMING friend! prayers to you!

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  3. Oh Jono,
    Im sad to be reading this, but thankful that you are willing to share your journey with us. Our prayers to you during this next chapter.

    Macara and Mitchell

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